Zenfolio | Jocee Photography Studio | When you took me away
This series is a work in progress and is inspired by and devoted to my brother James, whom together with many Indigenous Australians, originate from a time in our history known as The Stolen Generations. This was a time when Indigenous civil rights and culture were not considered significant or recognised and the removal of young children from their families was common practice—a practice sanctioned by the laws of our government at the time.

My interest is personal and has further been fuelled by extensive theoretical research undertaken during this long-form work. My objective is to present images which draw your attention to the subtle disconnections and connections contained within them, tempting you to go beyond this presentation to further your knowledge about this subject.

The use of documents and vernacular images functions as historical evidence, supporting each story. Connecting moments that generated change is vital to ensure integrity is given to the participants of the project - people who share their stories without placing blame or anger to bring awareness to a larger audience, and who have overcome much to become who they are today.