' the only barriers in life are the walls we make for ourselves'. 

Discovering photography was the beginning of a new adventure and a complete change of lifestyle.  Or should I say "Photography found me".  This beautiful instrument, which allows me to glimpse the world in a most private and intimate fashion and yet the outcome becomes a moment to be enjoyed by many.


The focus of my work is based on human impact, history and place.  I am intrigued by historical events and the battles of sorrow and loss in our rugged and beautiful Australian Landscape.   Narratives that are meaningful and connected to me continue to inspire my photography and  together with people's stories, historical documents and vernacular imagery they combine to support my work.   During my final year at College, I commenced a project that will continue to evolve,  which tells the stories of people from The Stolen Generations.  It is entitled, 'When you took me away'.      


I respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Country on which I work.